Race to the Finish Marble Run


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This Race to the Finish provides endless possibilities for reconfiguring the layout with a spiral gutter and windmill spinner to help your marbles race around the course on their way to the bottom.

Build your own Quadrilla coarse and watch your marbles navigate through the different blocks as they race down to the catcher. Now imagine what you could build your own fantastic marble runs.

Hape Toys are a leader in designing and manufacturing high quality educational toys and products made from sustainable materials. There outstanding toys promote curiosity and parent bonding and above all else bring wonder your children's world.

This marble run INCLUDES: 9 distributor blocks, 2 curve rails, a spiral twist, 4 height adjusters, 4 stabilizer rings, 3 accelerators, 2 hole shutters, 30 marbles, a windmill spinner and a universal clamp

CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts & small balls: Remove the packaging material before you give the toy to your child.

Suitable age: 3 years